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i must say im surprised about the lack of posts about rob's leaving! i've been [and am still] in fiji, so haven't had a chance to catch up on all the goss, but still...
rob was always my favourite *sigh*

From unwrittenlaw.net
04/08/05 1:00PM

Last night, Rob Brewer was fired from Unwritten Law. Rob called me personally to inform me. All I can say is that I am in complete shock. When Wade Youman was fired last year, it had to happen, it needed to be done. To this day, I still find Wade to be the most artistic & creative person I've ever met, and wish him the best of luck. But... Their were just to many issues revolving around him. This time though, its different. Rob didn't have to be let go. He shouldn't have been fired!

The following is a bulletin sent out from an unknown source through UL's MySpace site. The accuracy of the incident hereby stated below is not known to be completely correct, and I take no responsibility in reasoning done by others. As stated before, I choose to say out of this subject. I am just the giver of information. When I get more sides to the story, I will post them here. One persons opinion doesn't constitute accuracy.

"Guitar player Rob Brewer was fired by his bandmates yesterday. Singer Scott Russo could not get over the fight they had onstage in Anaheim. During the fight, Russo threw a beer on Brewer and swung a microphone stand at him, so Brewer hit Russo in the mouth. Russo's new fake teeth were knocked out and he can't get over it. He refuses to go on with the band if Brewer is a part of it. He says he is scared of Brewer and worried about his safety. The band has decided to let Russo make the decision for all of them and will continue doing shows with Russo replacing Rob as the guitar player. After the 14 years Brewer has spent with the band, it has come to this. It is a sad day - Brewer was the only original UL member left."


04/08/05 6:00PM

The remaining four members of Unwritten Law have posted their side to this most horrific tragedy. Find it below:

First and foremost, Unwritten Law does not like to air our dirty laundry out in the public. However, we, Scott, Steve, Tony, and PK feel like we're forced into a corner right now.

That being said, here is Unwritten Law's side of the story.

The fact of the matter is that this lineup, since Blue Room, aside from PK joining in 1997 and Tony joining in 2004, has not changed except for Wade. We put in 14 years of our lives into this band, 8 months of our hearts into this record, and all of our hearts into every show every single night.

The fight started that night because Rob did not know his parts, and if you're a member of the band, you need to know your parts to the songs. We rehearsed Fight Song, and we were ready to play, and that night, he was not ready to play Fight Song.

We did not arrive at the decision to release Rob from the band based on this one incident. Rob has been in the band for 14 years, and it was a very hard decision for all of us. It was not a decision that we made, but rather a decision that Rob made by attacking a member of his own band. We're very sad to see him leave due to any trauma. This is not a unique incident with Rob, but rather a recurring event over 14 years with a variety of other people. Attacking someone in your own band is uncalled for, extremely unprofessional, and unacceptable. We cannot excuse hitting a band member in the face and then going after him with a vodka bottle and severing your own finger in the process which renders you unable to play. Someone could have been seriously injured or worse. That's unacceptable. We cannot condone nor tolerate this kind of violence-we never have and we never will.

Furthermore, this incident was not an isolated event between Scott and Rob. Much more happened that night off stage. Rob insulted the entire band, our families, and assaulted an innocent fan backstage who was waiting to meet us. This kind of violence has happened for 14 years, and we want to be a band that loves each other. We've reached a point where we have no choice but to respond. Rob put us, our fans, and our careers in jeopardy by reaching a point of such violence that we could not reverse the damage. This was truly a decision that none of us wanted to make. We can no longer suffer due to one person's violent temper. We still love Rob and care for him as a brother. Our sincerest apologies go out to anyone involved in this matter-friends, family, and fans.

Rob is irreplaceable, and therefore we will not be accepting any applications for a new guitar player. We will, however, continue to play our hearts out every single night for our fans.

Scott Russo, Steve Morris, Pat Kim, and Tony Palermo
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