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hey there so i join alot of music "street" teams. usually they're just online teams though and i swear i checked the online only box for the unwritten law team. but they still managed to send me promo stuff. i'm not a person whos gonna go stand outside a venue and pass things out so i'm offering it here for anyone who wants them or who wants to promote. i have 19 posters. it's a poster promoting their last cd "from music in high places" (released jan 03)

sorrie for the bad quality. i used my camera phone

that patch of white light to the right should be their cd. the light reflected too bright.

this is supposed to be a better close up pic of the guys.

if you guys are willing to pay shipping i'd be willing to send it to u. otherwise, i'm just goin to five it to a music store or something.
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i would love them. email at

let me know how much shipping would be.
hey so im sending your posters out tomorrow. but if u wanted to see how they look i updated this entry with pics.
ooo i loooove unwritten law.
um. email me - it sounds interesting
hey. so i updated this entry with pics so you can see if you're still interested in the unwritten law poster. reply soon. thanks.