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Autographed CD Booklet

Hmm. Well this community seems to be dead. But I am going to post this anyway...

I have Unwritten Law's cd Elva, and the booklet is autographed by Scott, Steve, and PK.

The booklet/cd was given to me when it first came out by a friend. Don't stab me or anything, but I only like maybe 2 songs on the CD. So it's just been sitting in my CD rack.

If anyone is interested in buying it, and yes the CD comes with the unless you just want the booklet?
If anyone just leave a comment here and let me know. You can buy it straight from me, but if you feel more comfortable I will put it on Ebay where I have excellent feedback. Also if I don't hear from anyone I will be putting it on Ebay.

Thanks for reading this....

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